Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blosoms And Bushes In Nature

One of the wonderful things about wandering through the bushland around Australia I have noticed, is the vast range of beautiful Blossoms And Bushes In Nature. Mother nature is so spectacular in her presentation of colour and the way they all fit in with and compliment the bushland surroundings. Especially around the top end of Australia, you will get to see many plants,bushes and wildflowers that appear just after heavy rains.
Here you will see just a few examples of some that I came across on the Tiwi Islands, just off the top end coast of Australia.They all come from my Blossoms And Bushes In Nature album, and as time passes I will be sharing many more of these with my followers.

Mother nature & photography lover
Allen Sentance Fisherman


  1. Wow I didn't think the Top End of Australia had so much beauty.

  2. Hi Allen,

    This is the first time that I see your blog.
    Some real nice photos in there, congratulation.

    Have a good day.